Currently, we have two programs:

  • School sponsorship
  • Rice Gift

Breakdown of school sponsorship:

Elementary High School
P720.00 P860.00 “allowance” – transportation, lunch; school supplies or projects/homework – This will be given as a weekly amount.
P80.00 P100.00 miscellaneous school fees, paid by program staff.
One time allowance:
P800.00 P1,000.00 on the first month of every year for uniform, shoes, and notebooks The purchasing of backpacks, and some school supplies will be done by the program. Parents are responsible to buy uniforms.


If you choose to support a child directly or give in another way, please contact us first.
– Paypal (5% transaction fee; this fee should be added to the amount sent)
– (2% transaction fee; this fee should be added to the amount sent)
– Bank Transfer (transaction fees paid by the sender) Andrew Scribner / Bangor Savings Bank acct #: 2010080604 / Routing #: 211274382
– Moneygram / ZOOM (transaction fees paid by the sender) Andrew Scribner / Northern Junob / Dumaguete City / Philippines
– Bitcoin or Eutherium Contact me for the Cryptocoin address
Questions you might ask
  • Will I be able to communicate with my scholar?
    Yes! We do strongly encourage this, as it helps develop confidence in the child, further his/her learning, and make him/her a better person. You will be given a physical address and maybe other means of communication. If you desire, letters may be scanned and emailed to KCF
  • Can I give gifts to my child?
    Unfortunately, though we understand the noble desire to do so, we do not allow this unless it is a special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, or similar event.
  • What if my child ask me for something?
    If this happens, unless there is an occasion (see above), please politely tell him or her that you are not allowed to do so.
  • What will happen if I cannot continue supporting the child?
    Sometimes, there are unavoidable situations that make it necessary to stop sponsorship. If this happens, we will try our best to place your child with another sponsor.