Why We Do It

Education in the Philippines

Many Filipino families trying to educate their children are facing numerous financial challenges. Though education is technically free in the Philippines, there are a lot of expenses. Unlike the USA, the Philippine government does not pay for the things that American children are privileged to receive.

   There is no free lunch, no free transportation, and there are many small miscellaneous fees that add up. Many of the children from poor families either don’t go to school at all, because parents can’t afford such these things. Many kids go to school walking and often don’t get enough to eat. They often get poor grades because they are bullied, hungry, or ashamed.

In addition, parents are burdened to contribute to the upkeep and improvement of classrooms, especially those in poor areas. You might hear of the P.T.A. donating one or two ceiling fans to a classroom.

   In high school, teachers often require projects which are costly. Students are required to do research in internet cafes and print their projects in color. Although the Department of Education is becoming stricter about this kind of projects, they still continue in many places. As a result, many poor children are often left behind, unable to attend school. Or they might go to elementary but never go to high school.

   For this reason, we have started a school sponsorship program for elementary and high school students. This is a pilot program; for this year, all students will be members of our local church, so that we can monitor them. Later on, though, we hope to expand the program.
There are several ways you can help:
1. Sponsor a child (20-22 USD monthly)
2. A one time gift to help a child
3. Give in to the rice and misc. fund